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Equipment & What to Wear on the ice

How can I pay? 

How old does my child have to be to sign up for Canskate?

Can adults learn how to skate too? 

Can I go on the ice with my child? 

What is a Skate Canada Fee? 

Canskate equipment:

Hockey or Figure Skates are both acceptable. Figure skates should have proper ankle support and should not be too large. Do not wear thick socks! Skates should be sharpened, even when they are brand new. 

All skaters must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet. No bicycle helmets allowed. This is strictly enforced and skaters will not be allowed on the ice without the proper helmet. 

No knee or elbow pads

No hockey pads

Young skaters should wear layers as they may get warm when they are on the ice. Mittens/gloves are recommended. 

Pants should be easy to move in.

Learn to Figure Skate equipment:

Figure Skates can be purchased at United Cycle or Pro Skate. 

Skates should be sharpened every 3 months

Skaters should wear either a figure skating dress/skirt with tights or pants that are tight and stretchy. Absolutely no jeans or baggy pants. 

Layers are encouraged. No winter coats!  Skaters may wear zippered athletic jackets. 

No mittens, only gloves. 

Hair must be tied back off the face at all times. 

No food or gum allowed. Water bottles may be used and kept at the boards for quick drinks. 

We offer secure online payment through Skate Canada's recommended registration software site, Uplifter. In person we accept debit and credit. 

Skate Canada recommends 3-5 year olds start in Pre-Canskate, a 30 minute program designed for young skaters. 

Yes! Adult skaters are always welcome, whether you are new to skating or just want to dust off the old skates. 

No, parents/guardians cannot go on the ice with their child. Skate Canada does not permit anyone to step onto the ice without proper insurance and registration. Rest assured, we have NCCP certified coaches and trained program assistants available to assist with skaters while on the ice. 

The annual fee goes straight to the Skate Canada Head Office and is used for insurance and to register each skater. The insurance expires every August 31 and thus must be renewed each skating year. This is a set fee price and cannot be adjusted. 

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